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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Sad Story of Unca Butt

So since G decided to post about my current frustration with lil' B I guess I can tell you all the story of Unca Butt. Grab a carpet square and cop a squat because my tale is about to begin.

Not too long ago in a 'burb not so far from here some of our dear friends reside. Back when we were buying our house our current landlord wouldn't extend our lease another month while we were waiting to close so our dear friends took us in. At the time their eldest child was a little younger than lil' B and every time I got my hands on her I tried to get her to say Uncle Brian. As hard as I tried she never did, and we got our house and moved out.

Months go by and we go over our dear friends for dinner and to my astonishment I get called out by name, well not really by name: I was at this point branded "Unca Butt". This tradition has been passed down through the next two children, so for the last ten years I have been know in certain circles as "Unca Butt".

But wait there is more! There can't be more you say, that is enough to drive a man's self esteem in the gutter. I know, I know, but sadly there is more. I believe it was the next child in their clan. My objective was to get her to say "EEE EEE EEE" when I would ask her "How do the monkeys go?" . Well some may already see this coming. Somehow and I don't blame D but.....The question got changed to "How does Unca Butt go?" and after months of practice with no response to the monkey question I watched as her little mouth open and a "EEE EEE EEE" comes out.

So back to current day. I am trying to not pressure lil' B into saying anything. Mainly out of fear of what nickname I will be dubbed for the next 18yrs. Yes, it has been a little frustrating waiting for it but it is worth it in the end.

Hi Dad!

Conversations with Papa & Bennett over the six weeks:

"Bennett, what's that?"


"Yes! That's the cat!"

"And who's that?"


"Right! It's mama!"

"And what's this?"

"Gog-gog-GOG! Gog!!"

"Yeah, it's the dog! Yay!"

"And who am I?"

...silence. "Ca-Cat-CAT!"

"Sigh. No, I'm Papa. Can you say Papa?"

Bennett pointing to cat: "CAT-CAT-CAT!!!"

"Yes, and who am I? Am I Dad? Dada? Papa?

Pause, then "Cat! Cat-cat-cat-cat! CAT!"

"No, I'm Papa. Say Papa! Or say Dada!"

This has been the running conversation between the two of them every day for weeks.

Even a couple weeks ago when Big B and Bennett were coming home from the sitters, Bennett fired off a "Hi, Cat!!!" at the cat sitting on the step, waiting to be let in. It's been a bit of a sore spot with Big B to be so firmly behind the pets in the order of spoken words.

Then last week, when Big B picked Bennett up from the sitters, Bennett looked at him coming through the door and said "Hi, Dad!"

At least he said Dad before learning to say "cheese," his favorite food.

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Sticks and Steps

Birthday Boy

Happy birthday, my beautiful husband.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thirteen Months

Dear Bennett,

You are thirteen months old today. You are officially walking and it's awesome to see. You strut around the house, so proud of your accomplishments, each foot firmly placed in front of the other, without a lot of wobble.

You're drinking from big kid cups and eating lots of big kid foods. Hummus is awesome! You're loving all the berries you can get your hands on: raspberries, blueberries, blackberries... you think they are all delicious. You also tried ice cream for the first time. Yum!

Your molars are working their way to the surface, too. That means lots of sleepless nights, tylenol, motrin, and icy anything.

You are still in love with cars, and continually push anything around the house and yard, making brrrrrrrrr noises. And you love to "help" in the garden. Time continually seems short these days. I remember the days feeling endless last summer. They were these deliciously long stretches, marked by nursing jags and walks to the library, but it seems that the longer the days get this year, the less time we get to spend together as a family. You are growing so fast I know we are going to have to make a bigger effort to keep from missing out.

So, watch for more posts this month... and more hugs and snuggles, my soon-to-be toddler.

I love you bunches,